Heart Center


follow url The inner knowing that life isn’t all it seems prompts my personal practice and quest to teach. My relationship with yoga is young, and still I have experienced powerful shifts in my being. Many hear the call to come home to themselves. I have found yoga offers a way to answer that call. It is my honor to return together.

My Story

buy cipro 500mg When I was a child I dreamed of growing up to become a dance teacher, among other things. I have always felt something magical about my body relating to music through time and space.  Dance provided me a language and means for expression. When the universe talks to herself, she dances. So here I am after years that brought me far away from my child-self, coming to remember what I clearly knew then. What makes my soul sing? Moving, breathing, flowing, listening. The moves look different than they once did, but the dance remains.  My inner-child lives through my teaching.

Your Practice...

purchase peptides clomid If you're hearing the call, dancing the dance, and your story seeks harmony and integration - then let's practice together. Join an upcoming class to explore your being.